Born in 1955. in Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated in 1979 and finished Third Degree studies in 1983 from the Graphic department of the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade.

Member of ULUPUDS, ASIFA, Belgrade Ex-libris Circle (Secretary General), Art Directors Club Serbia.

Full-time Professor of Illustration and Animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. Founder of the subject of Animation at the FAA, Belgrade and the FAA Animation Studio (2006). Head of the Digital Arts Group of the Interdisciplinary PhD art program at the University of Arts, Belgrade. Professor of Animation and Head of the Animation Department at Dunav Film School, Belgrade (1996–2006).

Fields of interest: illustration, animation, graphic design, logo, poster, ex-libris, comic, art graphic, music.

40 one-man exhibitions (Belgrade 1981, 1982, 1986, 1994, 2001, 2006, Novi Sad 1982, 2000, Ljubljana 1988, Kopar 1988, Annecy 1989, Orleans 1989, Legnica, Poland, 2006, Hiroshima, Japan 2008, Seoul 2009, Belgrade 2011, Polleur, Belgium 2012, Novi Sad 2012, Loznica 2013…).

First illustrations published in the Poletarac children magazine, edited by Dušan Radović, 1973–1975. Collaborates with the Politikin Zabavnik magazine, since 1986 (illustrations and texts). Illustrated for the New York Times Book Review, edited by Steven Heller, 2002–2004.

Made 14 animated films: The Circus Departs (1982); Stop (1983); It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose (1984); Tango Ragtime (1985, Dunav Film); The Tower of Bababel (1988, Zagreb Film); Ogres and Bogies (1989, Avala film); Farty (1993); Light in A-Major (1995); Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species (1998, Dunav Film); Magician (1999); Wanted (2001); All Together on the Wireless Machine (2004); Metamorph (2005, Rastko Ćirić & BS Group); Fantasmagorie 2008 (2008, Rastko Ćirić & Metamorf); Fantasmagorie 2008 / Stereoscopic version.

Awards for animation: Munich 1982; Jury Award, Zagreb 1988; Jury Award, Ottawa 1988; Big Golden Medal, Belgrade 1989; Award for Design, Titograd 1989; Golden Medal, Belgrade 1993; Big Golden Medal Belgrade 1989; Golden Knight, Kiev, Ukraine, 1998; Big Golden Medal, Belgrade, 1999; Grand-Prix, Čačak 1999; Jury Award, Belgrade 2005; Grand-Prix, Čačak 2005; Grand-Prix, Belgrade 2006; Silver Knight, Moscow 2006; Jury Award, Hiroshima 2006; Golden Medal, Belgrade 2008; Jury Award, Ljubljana 2008; Golden Medal, Belgrade 2009; Bronze Knight, Moscow, 2009.

Selected books published: Take Your Drawings for a Walk - A Small School of Animation (1986); Ogres and Bogies /text by A. Peragraš/ (1989); Common Life Anatomy (1994); Three Stories About Farty (1994); Centaur Letters (2000); Pangrams (2000), Home-Bred Metamorph Cultivating Manual (2002), Ten Lecturers by Rastko Ćirić (2003), Miscellenia (Svaštara, 2005), Collection of texts on Ex-libris (2007), Bash Tchelik (2010), Collection of texts on FAA (Faculty of Applied Arts, 2013).

Editor-in-Chief of the “Ex-libris Chronicles” magazine (1996–2007) and the “Signum” book edition of the Faculty of Applied Arts (since 2006). Founder (with Ranko Munitić and Vera Vlajić) of AAA (Avala Animation Atelier), 1988-1991.

“The Rubber Soul Project” – Imaginary Beatles album (1996). 15 original songs, lyrics by Goran Skrobonja, music by Rastko Ćirić.
“The Rubber Soul Project” – Feature documentary movie, directed by Dinko Tucaković (Soul Flower, 2004) about the Rastko’s musical project.
CD RSP1 with the music and DVD with the movie published in the USA in 2006.
“The Rubber Soul Project 2” – another imaginary Beatles album (2013). 17 original songs, lyrics by Goran Skrobonja, music by Rastko Ćirić. Executive Producer Igor Kordey.